Thursday February 22, 2001

Phil Anselmo speaks of Tapeworm to Kerrang!

Thanks to nodie for sending this little bit over. The February 24th issue of UK music magazine Kerrang! has a brief mention of Tapeworm, and of what contribution the always charming Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo made to the project. Here's what Phil had to say:

"Believe it or not, all i did was sing to f**king songs for them," says Anselmo. "It was just me and (NIN multi-instrumental) Danny Lohner f**king around. I really didn't know if anything was going to come of it. I guess since the Nine Inch Nails record flopped or something like that I guess they've been trying to figure themselves out"

For more information on Tapeworm, be sure to check out Morpheus Technopagan's The Charlie Clouser Remix Files, under 'collaborations.'