Thursday February 15, 2001

Got a NIN website? We want to link you!

That's right. It's about time that you get your page up on the NIN Hotline links page. "I emailed those guys months ago with a link and nothing's happened!" Don't worry, every last one of those emails is sitting here and being entered into a big ol' layout. However, if you haven't already emailed links@theninhotline.net (or you want to again just for reinforcement) and you would like a link here, all you have to do is link to us - banner, text, flash, well hidden & hard to find, however you like it - and let me know about it

And while you're at it, since you know a thing or two about webpages, let me know what you think about the new look when you send in your link; What do you like? What do you find terribly annoying.