Wednesday February 14, 2001

Because nothing is ever easy...

You may notice things are a little bit different here. Lastnight around 2 in the morning, I was uploading, downloading, and rearranging everything on this site, when whoops, I can't access it. I couldn't get this fixed for another ten hours, so my plans for an uber-smooth changeover were defeated by Murphy's law.

Anyhow, things are changing, mostly on the inside, here at the NIN Hotline. Please sit tight while we check for weak joints, bad insulation, and all that fun stuff. I'm trying to organize this place, it's a mess!

Big thanks to WhitechapelMolly and Twistfinger for photography used throughout this site. Also generous appreciation to esinem for CGI behind the staff pages (almost done!)

Everything is going online throughout the night. Currently most of the features are up, moving the rest of this stuff around is a bitch though. Hope you like it!