Tuesday March 19, 2024

Talking about the score to FX's Shogun

The 17 song, 46 minute long soundtrack for the FX series Shōgun is available for preview on Spotify and Apple Music, but what we'll be able to hear soon(?) is only a sliver of the four hours of music that Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross, and Nick Chuba spent over two years putting together. Variety spoke with Atticus and Leopold about the process:

"Texturally, we are in the right place in terms of time and instrumentation, but we are also threading that needle of being free enough to do something that is wholly original," Atticus adds. "To acknowledge its time and place but not be constrained by it, and also not be a kind of pastiche" that might be condemned as cultural appropriation.

Continue to Variety for the whole interview, and visit the official Shogun website for links to Spotify and Apple previews of the commercial release.