Tuesday March 19, 2024

Nine Inch Nails x Welcome Skateboards

If you subject yourself to the nin subreddit, you might have spotted a post late last week about a skateboard collaboration, which was today announced by various official NIN social media accounts.

Piggy, TDS, Burn skateboards

As the day wore on, additional information about the collaboration leaked - not only were there skate decks with artwork associated with TDS-era NIN, but associated apparel is coming out too. New shirts associated with Hurt, Piggy, Closer, Heresy, Ruiner, Eraser, and more - and not just tshirts, but puff hoodies, a mesh 'football jersey', and more - a celebration of The Downward Spiral's release in 1994.

I'm not going to spoil the whole lot, but here's a peek:
NIN x Welcome Hoodie

I'm not too proud to admit that as a 44 year old dude who grew up in central Pennsylvania, steeped in skater culture, this stuff calls to me. It's a nice surprise, and makes me wonder what else 2024 has in store for my favorite album from 1994 - an exceptionally good year for music.