Friday January 26, 2024

March of the Pigs gets an update for Fortnite Festival

Back in December, we reported that The Hand that Feeds was part of the debut of Fortnite Festival, a gameplay mode in Fortnite in the style of Rock Band, Tap Tap Revenge, and Dance Dance Revolution. This week, two more NIN songs are available for you to take the stage to - Less Than, the lead single from the Add Violence EP, brings modern NIN to the party, and you're also able to play a version of March of the Pigs that was extended specifically for Fortnite Fest:
"This is a studio recording of what they play live. It's the only recording that exists [...] only to be found on [Fortnite Festival]. Remember the other day when I said Trent was a fan of the game? [He] offered [to record the extended version and] wanted to change songs for improved gameplay."

If you don't have Fortnite, or don't have time to play Fortnite, or somehow don't know what Fornite is, you can always turn to YouTube to hear the new tracks as players perform against them. You'll get slightly different mixes depending on what instrument is being played - and you'll notice one other difference: when it comes to video games with a broad audience, it seems the fuck store was low on inventory, so you won't get any F-bombs in these clips. And there are kids who discover March of the Pigs on Fortnite, get it stuck in their head, decide to check it out on Spotify or maybe the box of CDs in their parents' basement, and will be stunned when they hear "Take the skin and peel it back" for the first time, as that line was excluded from gameplay as well.

Have a listen for yourself on this clip below, courtesy Lydia, who seems to be among the first to post the MOTP clip. Give that kid some likes and subscribes.