Saturday December 16, 2023

Jerome Dillon announces a new film project

Jerome Dillon emerged on social media yesterday to share a link to a brief post on Extra, which announces a new work by Dillon:
Jerome Dillon, a former drummer of Nine Inch Nails, is set to produce and compose the score for his first original screenplay, titled “Bluebell,” with Knight Shamrock Productions.

Jerome joined Nine Inch Nails as the touring drummer around the time this website launched, and continued with NIN through 2005, including multi-instrumental performances on And All That Could Have Been: Still. Dillon released debut work Reminder under the moniker nearLY in 2005, featuring Claudia Sarne of 12 Rounds on vocals. He's scored a variety of films as well, from John Waters' Cecil B Demented and horror film The Collector. His scores for No One Lives and Officer Down are available on Bandcamp.