Saturday August 28, 2021

QUAKE 25th Anniversary

Someone at Bethesda remembered that this was the 25th anniversary of Quake and said *"hey, let's remaster Quake just enough that it still feels like the original game but that it has some updated controls and options so that it's not too outdated." Someone agreed with them and so bam, we got a re-release along with some really neat options from Limited Run Games, including a really expensive ammo box with a blank space for you to put a clear, white-logo'ed NIN sticker over so you can recreate the nails ammo box from the game.

Funny story - I played Quake originally on my grandfather's PC via shareware, so I didn't actually listen to the soundtrack until many years later. My uncle had Queen's A Kind of Magic in the CD drive so the track that would kick in during the first level was "Princes of the Universe" from Highlander. It actually worked well. The rest of the album, not so much. I've been playing the remaster so it's good to finally play the game as intended with the right music and to actually play all four chapters. I'm missing the IDDQD cheat code, though. Someone should put that on a shirt.

*This is my own personal interpretation of what probably didn't happen but it makes sense to me.