Friday June 26, 2020

An interview with Robert + Jeffrey from JCRT about outfitting Nine Inch Nai

Interview with Robert and Jeffrey of JCRT about outfitting Nine Inch Nails

Look, as a kid who grew up to be a computer developer, fashion was never really on my radar, which anyone who's met me and seen how I've dressed can confirm. I've gotten better about not being completely oblivious about what I'm wearing, or to what people around me are wearing.

That sent me down a rabbit hole last year, as I learned some interesting details about some of the folks who developed the wardrobe worn by Trent, Danny, Charlie, Robin & Jerome when they toured in support of The Fragile. We also talk about their current brand, JCRT, which focuses on high quality plaid shirts that are influenced by album covers, movie posters, and one particular design that got this whole thing started.

Not your typical Nine Inch Nails update, but I really enjoyed the storytelling that come out in the interview, and you can read the whole thing exclusively here.

I'll be doing a follow up soon (you can read more about that in the story) - thanks again to Robert and Jeffrey for taking the time to make all this happen!