Tuesday June 23, 2020

The Television Academy interviews Trent and Atticus

You know, the Emmys? That Academy. Matt Powell interviewed Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross about scoring film - not only touching on some of their earlier work, but talking about doing period-appropriate music for Watchmen and the upcoming David Fincher film, Mank
"Everything in Mank is real instruments, there's not one synthesizer in the whole thing," says Reznor. "In that sense it's completely different from anything we've done."

Having written a 1940s orchestral score, the composers now find themselves in the bizarre situation of trying to record it, using period instrumentation and recording techniques, during a global quarantine.

Recording new music during a pandemic lockdown has its challenges. It's a good, if somewhat quick read - click here to head over to emmys.com and read it.