Monday March 16, 2020

Uncoiled: The Physical Component

Proving once again that I'm terrible at marketing, I'm dropping this announcement after midnight, early on a Tuesday morning, during a global pandemic, and I'm not even putting a hero image on the homepage for the announcement.

But you're getting it first because you're up weird hours like me, you still check your RSS feeds, or you're still coming to this site hoping to see an update. This is coming to you from an old website, not Twitter or Instagram. They'll find out about it later if it turns out that I've only got five people regularly checking this site anymore.

But I'm babbling - your perseverance paid off, because you're the first (outside of a test group on ETS) to get a link to the order form for something I've been loosely planning since about 2012. That's it. That's the link, click on that.

Thanks! Don't touch your face, and don't forget to surgical scrub your hands.