Saturday January 4, 2020

Posters from the final performance of The Nine Inch Nails in Saigon

Urban Outfitters Arenga show posterOn the final night of 2019, we shared news from The Nine Inch Nails Live Recording Archive of a holy grail of a collector's package they received: a DAT (admittedly, heavily damaged) purported to have the final recording of The Nine Inch Nails as described in TH MNHTTN PRJCT bonus materials, as well as additional background on the recording, and some leftovers from the merch booth.

After careful consideration, Ryan at NIN Live has decided to put these last five remaining posters up for grabs. These are not for sale, and I understand that if they do end up on eBay, you risk intervention from shady government agencies. They are being made available for free to five lucky people. All you need to do is provide your name and email address.

As has always been the case here at The Nine Inch Nails Hotline, once a drawing is made, the collected emails are discarded. Your information will never be sold, and the only communication you have the potential to receive is whether or not you've been drawn at random.

We'll be collecting entries until January 10, 2020, when we will draw the winners. Duplicate entries will be discarded, so don't bother risking that.

Sign up here to win your free poster from the 1995 TNIN show in Saigon!