Monday November 25, 2019

Bird Box Extended already arriving in the mail

$80 + shipping seems like a lot for two hours of harrowing score music - and it is! But when you plonk down for the extended version of the Bird Box soundtrack, what arrives is unlike any other vinyl I've come across. The die-cut box is heavy (four 180gm records will do that, I suppose), and aside from "NULL 09 EXTENDED TRENT REZNOR AND ATTICUS ROSS" there are no markings on the box - although there's a gritty texture to the container itself, which features six holes cut into the top - a reference to the box in the movie that served as an organic warning system.

Inside the box, sandwiched between bubble wrap, each record comes in a unique semi-transparent sleeve with gritty patterns overlaying the translucent outer sleeve - an inner sleeve further protects the records. The album comes with a download card (because the Highway Hi-Fi wasn't designed for 180gm 12" platters), and the inside-bottom of the box has track names.

Aside from the titles on the side of the box, there didn't appear to be any credits. The official unboxing video posted earlier mentioned something about "being contaminated" and, honestly, I didn't see any evidence of that at first.

But I kept looking.