Friday November 22, 2019

Bird Box 4xLP now available

Hotline ImageIn January, we saw the digital release of Bird Box (abridged), a selection of 10 songs from the soundtrack to the Netflix film Bird Box, as scored by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, with a run time just over an hour. Today, the unabridged Bird Box score dropped on nin.com, with twice as much music and deluxe physical packaging. The four records come in what appear to be semi-translucent sleeves, and are packaged in a cardboard box resembling the box from the film.

Hotline ImageWith your $80 purchase, you can download the album as MP3s, or losselessly in FLAC or WAV formats. The digital artwork is a pixelated photo of the top of the box, and the tracks have slightly different lengths than what is in the abridged release from earlier in the year. Given the different track order, the segues are no doubt going to be different as well.

This is not easy listening. If you want to make any situation more tense and anxious for two hours, the Bird Box score is here for you.