Tuesday October 1, 2019

New music from Telefon Tel Aviv and Alessandro Cortini

Beeps. Boops. Stutters. Ethereal voices. Synths. Pulsating synths.


Last Friday saw the release of two new albums - the first being from Josh Eustis under the Telefon Tel Aviv banner called Dreams Are Not Enough. This is the first major follow-up to 2009''s Immolate Yourself. This is a wonderful record that recalls everything I''ve always enjoyed about TTA, but also moves into new territory that I''d like to think was influenced by Josh''s other band, The Black Queen. Check out a sample below and order the album here.

The second of our mentioned releases comes from Alessandro Cortini under his solo banner entitled Volume Massimo. The natural evolution of Cortini''s sound post-SONOIO, this album has really reminded me of a mixture of Stranger Things influence with his signature Buchla sounds. Like much of his other solo work, it''s been fun listening for new things and allowing myself to kind of drift away and fade into the music. Again, check out a sampling below and order the album here.