Saturday August 24, 2019

Ashley O gets the remix treatment

Ashley O - On a RollAs weird as this year is, 2020''s going to put 2019 to shame. But that doesn''t mean 2019 isn''t going to slow down any time soon, as evidenced by the quiet release of a remix EP for On a Roll (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Apple Music, Beatport), featuring five clubby remixes by five different DJs. I can get behind the Londin vibes of the Wax Wings (Soundcloud, Instagram) version, and Junior Vasquez feels right at home doing the thing he''s been doing for a very long time. KDA''s mix is house music, Basic Tape are definitely French, and the DallasK mix is where I run out of enthusiasm. It''s probably amazing playing through the Coked Out Casino Pool Club''s sweet-ass system.

I think it''s actually a pretty decent spread, from dance music veterans to dudes with less social media presence than I have. And if they''re still releasing Ashley O stuff, maybe there''s still a chance we''ll hear "Flirt" (Hurt) one day.