Tuesday March 11, 2014

Cold Spring Records releases unearthed Coil/NIN remixes on CD, Vinyl

NIN RecoiledWhenever possible, I like to link you directly to the source. I posted about Recoiled about two months ago, but seeing photos of the packaging by people who have it in their possession, I had to post about it again.

I had personally only ordered the limited edition vinyl, so I haven't received my copy yet (what's a NIN related release without a delay? They're shipping soon-ish), and I think I'm supposed to get some copies from the label (read: future freebies for fans, hopefully), nonetheless if you're a fan of those late 90s Coil remixes and you haven't checked any of this out yet, you really should do yourself a favor.

It's available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 on the cheap (and with alternate cover art!), and physical versions can be had direct from Cold Spring or slightly cheaper from Amazon.

Thanks to Demogorgon and poro765 from ETS for the photos!