Tuesday March 11, 2014

The Downward Spiral turned 20, The Quietus reflects

The subheadline reads "Val Siebert revisits an album that sounds even more like the future 20 years later." The quote I'll pull from the story is:
Also celebrating a twentieth anniversary currently is Soundgarden's Superunknown, which happened to be the only record that kept Downward Spiral off the top of the U.S. charts when they were both released twenty years ago. Possibly owing to the clarity of Reznor's production, it's mind-blowing that these are from the same decade, let alone the same month – Superunknown sounds so 'retro' in comparison.

Val sure talks about the future a lot, maybe he was having a premonition.

Also holy shit, The Quietus reviewed Recoiled, and Harry Sword spoke at some length with Trent about Coil. If you don't know what Recoiled is, then you read this post before I finished the one that's going to appear above it.