Saturday January 18, 2014

Previously unreleased Coil remixes of NIN out on vinyl, CD

Nine Inch Nails RecoiledWhen going through his DATs, Coil's Danny Hyde came across earlier versions of remixes that Coil had done for Nine Inch Nails. Through the efforts of members of a great online music community, a free digital release of these remixes happened a little over a year ago. This garnered enough attention that Mr. Hyde was approached by the famed experimental electronic label Cold Spring records, who compiled the most compelling of the remixes into an LP release - these tracks have been remastered, and an additional Eraser remix, located after the previous release, is included in the track listing.

Today, pre-orders have gone live for the digipak CD, vinyl LP, and a limited edition of 500 spattered black/brown color vinyl. Hopefully you're able to get your order in today, as the store was buckling under the pressure for this release. I'll admit, I waited to tell you about it until I put my own order in for the limited edition vinyl. But look on the bright side - I posted it to the website instead of Twitter or Facebook! Let's see if I can make a habit of that again.