Thursday July 25, 2013

Tour shirts show up on Instagram

There's at least two shirts going on sale in the merch booth at the Ansan Valley Festival in Korea, featuring the 2013 festival tour dates on the back, and one of two designs on the front. One of them might be spoilerific, so rather than embed them inline, I'm going to do this the old fashioned way, with trusty anchor tags.

Here's a shot of both shirt fronts, and the back, and a tragically upside down NIN logo sticker.
The front of this shirt is similar to the Hesitation Marks pre-order shirt I failed to order before it sold out. Sonofabitch.
This shirt hints at visuals we may be in store for during the tour.

A photo of the merch booth in Japan just turned up, showing several more shirt designs.

Nine Inch Nails hits the stage in Japan in eight hours. Big thanks to Hyunji Choi for sharing!