Tuesday May 7, 2013

Social media makes our job less interesting

Just because Nine Inch Nails has a sweet Tumblr and Trent Reznor has an Instagram account and Rob's been keeping the official tour page up to date doesn't mean they've got all your bases covered. Because did they tell you about this interview Jian Ghomeshi conducted with Trent while he visited Studio Q?

Pretty sure that wasn't on Tumblr. Neither was this article on Bowiesongs about the Outside tour, which I guess isn't so much news as it is reflection.
There was that time Greg from The Dillinger Escape Plan mentioned he's got a side project with one of the guys in Nine Inch Nails (hint: his name kind of rhymes with Squash Juiceless)
Josh Eustis did a Telefon Tel Aviv track with Dillon called Feel The Fall for this Bpitch Control compilation and it's a keeper.
Trent's got an appearance on the new Queens of the Stone Age album (but we haven't heard the track he's on yet). And Vice did an article about a photo series of stuff from backstage riders for famous bands, yes, there is cornstarch.
Both Eric Avery and Adrian Belew have been Facetweeting about NINEINCHNAILSLIVE rehearsals beginning this week, Adrian mentioned having over forty songs to rehearse, which obviously means 3.5 hour NIN shows every night of the tour, suckers!