Monday November 12, 2012

How to destroy angels_: An omen EP_ (Sigil 03_) released_

An omen EP_At midnight tonight, people who pre-ordered their copy of An omen EP_ from HTDA directly began receiving download codes via email. Amazon turned on orders for their MP3 version although their vinyl listing is still showing pre-orders rather than orders, it now also says the vinyl is a limited edition, so however you order the vinyl. And of course, there's always Itunes. I'm not sure that the iTunes and Amazon downloads come with the nice PDF that the direct download comes with, though.

Note: If you were one of the early downloaders from Topspin, the artwork embedded in your downloads was kinda screwy. This was fixed by 2am, but since you jumped right on that download, do like I did and save this 658x658 copy from Pitchfork's announcement of the EP, and update your artwork with mp3tag.

The EP is only available as a download or as vinyl. If you're not ready to join the 21st century yet, you're welcome to burn the lossless download available at to a CD while you save up for a new head unit in your car, or a Zune, an iPod, or some variety of smartphone. 20th century object fetishists should find the vinyl to be a nice addition to their collection.

Call of DutyWhat's that? You want more music? the soundtrack to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 also dropped at midnight, and is bookended by two versions of the main theme, written by Trent Reznor. You can grab the whole soundtrack for $9, or just drop $2 for the two versions of the main theme. The 47 other tracks were composed by Jack Wall, who coincidentally worked as a 2nd engineer at Synchro Sound Studios on Newbury Street in Boston while Trent first recorded Head Like a Hole and Terrible Lie with Flood.