Sunday November 4, 2012

Direct HTDA 'An omen_' pre-order comes with limited bonus vinyl

Sorry for being a little slow on the update - sweeterthan usually covers my back on these things, but she just had a baby (holy crap, congratulations!!) and I've been busy with other stuff. Without further ado - opened up pre-orders for An omen_ - $5 for the digital download, and $20 for the vinyl copy (that's right, there's no CD version of this EP, welcome to the future, stop kicking and screaming).

Fans were shocked by the price of shipping when they pre-ordered, which seemed pretty high for shipping vinyl domestically. This prompted the reluctant spoiling of the surprise in order to eliminate confusion:

RE: higher shipping costs on the vinyl: Vinyl orders from us include a bonus limited white label promo remix 12” of Keep it together.

If cancelling Amazon pre-orders made sound, you would have heard a very loud sound after that tweet. Just twenty minutes ago, though, another update from the HTDA collective states: "Heads up: We're almost sold out of our stock of vinyls. If you want to get one from us (w/the promo 12"), do it soon."

Get! Go! Do it!