Wednesday June 1, 2011

Pretty Hate Machine re-re-re-release - on Null? Not quite.

This morning, Gun Shy Assassin posted a vague update about The Null Corporation putting the original mix of Pretty Hate Machine out on CD and vinyl. This was somewhat bolstered by a new listing for a PHM CD on Amazon with a release date of July 12, 2011, along with a single-disc vinyl to be released the same day. Later, Rocbloc posted the same story, but without the Null Corp angle.

About this time, NIN's long-time art guy Rob Sheridan said "No one on our end knows what those reports are talking about. No PHM release plans from Null.". Still, the story wouldn't quite die, as ThePRP published a story after 5pm about the release. Responding in the comments to a link to Rob's statement, PRP's wookubus was the first to mention the source of the information when he stated that "I just double checked, it’s still on UMe’s release schedule, perhaps UMe and Bicycle Music are pulling another TVT on ol Trent, but Null is listed as the label."

So, to bottom-line it, Null Corporation has nothing to do with any further releases of Pretty Hate Machine as of this post, and no doubt someone is getting/has gotten a nasty email and/or phone call about all this. If the release happens, it's very likely going to be the original 10 track version, as released in 1989. Because what the nincatalog PHM page needs is another set of PHM releases.