Monday March 28, 2011

Limited edition Numbered Nine Inch Nails 33 1/3 Pretty Hate Machine book o

The Daphne Carr Book that Leviathant posted about last week has a "semi-official" limited edition release through a book binder for sale on Etsy.

From the product description:

This project was created by the professional bookbinder and letterpress operator Davin Kuntze, of Woodside Press, in consultation with book’s author, Daphne Carr. It is their collaborative work to celebrate the spirit of the band itself, which has continually sought to engage, challenge, and usurp the commodity form with brilliantly crafted albums, singles, and boxed sets.

The edition will consist of 200 hand bound books. Numbers 1-30 are for friends and family, 31-75 will be issued through face to face exchange at events surrounding the April 2011 launch of the book. Numbers 76-200 are available through this shop. I will post numbers as they are ordered, and ask that you give two pieces of information upon ordering: your top 5 most desired numbers, and the exact name you would like the book dedicated to.

There's also an option to personalize these copies.

Thanks to Third Uncle for sending this in.