Friday March 4, 2011

Merch dump from Wave Goodbye available at our store

Wave Goodbye Itinerary ShirtIf you head over to The NIN Hotline store, we just got a whole pile of goodies from the Wave Goodbye and NINJA tours, including the Wave Goodbye club tour itinerary shirt pictured here for $13.99. Which is cheaper than you're ever going to see it go for ever again.

There's also a disproportionate number of women's shirts in this batch, which if you're a woman, you know is pretty unusual. Rather than clutter up this page with more cut-down images though, I'm going to suggest you just visit the storefront and check it all out there. Here's the run-down of newly added stuff:

nin 1,000,000 track hoodie (small) (limited stock)
nin black map flag shirt (restock)
nin blue classic logo sticker
nin box wave goodbye patch (limited stock)
nin classic ninja tour shirt (dates on back)
nin classic wave goodbye olive shirt (VERY limited xxl stock)
nin echoplex shirt
nin ghost adult zip hoodie
nin ghost junior zip hoodie
nin ghost trees shirt (restock)
nin lights in the sky logo shirt (small only)
nin lights in the sky tour 2008 poster
nin ninja 2009 shirt (limited stock - will get more shortly)
nin rebellion green women's shirt (restock)
nin resistance flag gray long sleeve shirt
nin symbol wave goodbye women's shirt
nin vertical Slip women's longsleeve shirt
nin wave goodbye black cadet hat
nin wave godobye diamond longsleeve white shirt
nin wave goodbye digital patch (limited stock)
nin wave goodbye itinerary
nin wave goodbye nin classic women's shirt
nin wave goodbye stacked red shirt