Sunday February 27, 2011

'The Social Network's' Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win Oscar for original

PARTY ON THE INTERNET, WOO! Congratulations to Trent and Atticus!
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(screenshot credit: Daniel Barassi)

And with the assistance of the first YouTube copy I've found (courtesy ickyvicky11, here's a transcript of Trent and Atticus' acceptance speeches:

TR: Wow. Is this really happening? When we finished work on The Social Network, we were very proud of our work and happy to just be involved in this film. And to be standing up here in this company is humbling and flattering beyond words. I'd like to especially thank the Academy for recognizing our work here, and David Fincher - David Fincher, thank you so much for the opportunity. I'd also like to thank my wonderful wife Mariqueen, I love you so much.

AR: Time's nearly out, so I think I might improvise a little. David, everyone who brought the film to life, thank you so much. Trent, I think you're a genius, a great friend and a genius, my wonderful wife Claudia, and our three children, I love you.

Thank you.

Almost two decades ago, after winning his first Grammy for Wish, Trent famously quipped about what his epitaph would read. We're updating that. "TRENT REZNOR: Died. Said 'fist fuck' and won a Grammy. Wrote 'Cocksucker' and won an Oscar."