Thursday February 10, 2011

Perhaps the best cover of I''m Afraid of Americans that a French band has r

About a month ago, I got an email from a fellow named Rémi, on behalf of his band Shineski, with a cover version of I'm Afraid of Americans attached. Over the 15+ years I've been running one NIN site or another, I've received a lot of material like that, and I'm usually pretty stingy about passing it along to you, the reader. Sometimes the music's just not good, sometimes I just plain feel weird about it.

But I was pleasantly surprised by Shineski's interpretation of Trent Reznor's remix of David Bowie's song. It's a bit heavier/rockier than my usual fare, but it was interesting enough that I thought it would be cool to share. However, as it was destined to be a bonus track on the physical release of their album, I asked how I could pass the word along if no one could hear it. "I'll just put the track on soundcloud!" replied Rémi. Conveniently enough, that means I can do this:
I'm Afraid Of Americans by SHINESKI
So now you can check it out, and if you like what you hear, check out their bandcamp page, linked above.