Tuesday February 8, 2011

New (old) NIN gear on eBay

NIN AuctionsAnnounced via NIN's Twitter account, there are new listings for NIN gear on eBay. Only five items are live at the moment, but one of them is an exceedingly rare EMS Synthi KS, circa 1972. Also up for bidding is the Minimoog Voyager pictured to the left. If it's any indication of how crazy the bidding is going, the Remo 16" drum head is, at the time of this posting, up to $112.50. You don't even want to know how much the Synthi's already been bid up to.

Okay, maybe you do. Here's where I remind you about the official eBay auctions box on the sidebar to your right. If you move it to the top of the rest of the boxes and don't go clearing your cookies, it should hang at the top for you. It's an easy way to keep an eye on that stuff without having to tromp on over to eBay.

Happy window shopping!