Sunday February 6, 2011

Alternate Social Network OST track names - and a new track.

The Social Network score has been given its own page on the film's website, which has given many new names to versions of the tracks we know, plus a brand new track to us all, "Dinner With Sean". There is also a very limited CD-release of the alternate soundtrack that's floating around, rumored to only have about 6,000 copies in existence.

The tracklisting is as follows (original track names in bold):

    "Main Title Sequence" - Hand Covers Bruise
    "Let the Hacking Begin" - In Motion
    "Cocksucker" - It Catches Up with You
    "In Evidence" - Intriguing Possibilities
    "Does She Have a Boyfriend?"' - Painted Sun in Abstract
    "Zuckerberg Stole Our Website" - 3:14 Every Night
    "Family of Means" - Pieces Form the Whole
    "What Are We Doing About This?" - Hand Covers Bruise, Reprise
    "Bathroom Sex" - Eventually We Find Our Way
    "Violation of Harvard Law" -: 3:14 Every Night
    "Trip to N.Y." - Penetration
    "Dinner With Sean"
    "Bank of America" - Almost Home
    "Who's Eduardo Saverin?" - 3:14 Every Night
    "Fire in My Apartment" - On We March
    "What Were the Shares Diluted Down to?" - Hand Covers Bruise
    "Something's Happened" - The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
    "Soft Trees Break the Fall"

Though these tracks bear strong resemblance to the listed counterparts from the commercially released album, they are in many cases slightly different versions, and are likely the tracks as they appeared in the film, before being reworked into the commercial soundtrack. Back in December, Trent and Atticus spoke to Luke Turner for the Quietus about the soundtrack, and had this to say:

AR: In this case, we went back, and we'd done the score for the film that was the best we could do. We wanted to make the record the best we could in terms of a listening experience. So we went back and extended versions, added parts, just tried to tweak the record to be as much like a record as we could while still being faithful to the film.

TR: We thought we'd write some impressions of what we thought would fit this film. We tried to emotionally get behind the scenes of what Fincher is trying to create, and to make them into pieces of music. Those were originally three to six minute long chunks that worked in the format, we started inserting them into the picture and then started working in the more traditional sense of fitting things around dialogue, still trying to maintain some form of musicality when frames disappear in the editing process. When we finished Atticus and I went back and listened and found we pretty much had a listenable album, and I'm pleased with the way that the soundtrack as an album came out.

AF: There are a couple of things on it that were inspired by the film in those original writing sessions but didn't actually end up in the film, and we felt that would be an appropriate place for them to live.

So while both the "main title sequence" and "what were the shares diluted down to?" are derived from "hand covers bruise," the latter track is a version where the piano was recorded from across the room, using natural reverb to convey an element of distance (as described in the making-of bonus footage on The Social Network disc release)

Listen to them all streaming here!

Thanks to jezstyle on ETS and Aghamorad on Twitter!