Friday January 21, 2011

Pretty Hate Machine Piano/Vocal/Guitar book released

Pretty Hate Machine song book The Hal Leonard corporation released an official piano/vocal/guitar songbook for Pretty Hate Machine back in early December, but for one reason or another, I kept forgetting to post about it. for $16.99 from Amazon.com or directly from Hal Leonard corp. You can probably request it at your local musical instrument shop as well.

If you'd rather buy digital copies, SheetMusicDirect will sell you Sibelius Scorch versions for $3.99 a song. (Clearly we've been marketing Know the Score wrong for all these years) -- you can also preview the first page of each song's sheet music there.

Last, and perhaps least, if you click on the thumbnail to the right, we've got a 1200x1600 version of the cover art.