Monday November 8, 2010

Pretty Hate Machine 2010 Remaster vinyl appears on Amazon

mlirhar sent us a note on Twitter after having found the vinyl edition of the 2010 Pretty Hate Machine remaster on Amazon. Though they don't have the artwork up yet, you can check out the vinyl cover at Sleevage's interview with Rob Sheridan, which goes into detail about the amount of work that was put into reimagining the cover art:
The first bump in the road was that no one had the original artwork. We left no stone unturned – we even reached out to the original designer, Gary Talpas, but he had given all his materials to Nothing Records long ago. Our best guess is that those materials were lost somewhere in Trent’s split with his old management.
Yeah, there's more going on there than you might have first guessed. While you're reading about album art, you should also check out Rob's notes on how he created the artwork for the Social Network soundtrack, which didn't involve Photoshop so much as it did a text editor.

Anyway, at the time of posting, the pre-order price of the vinyl is $28.48, with a release date of December 7, 2010. In the past, pre-order prices have dropped in the days leading up to the actual release, and as always with Amazon, you'll get it for whatever the lowest price is between now and the actual release.