Tuesday August 3, 2010

Unedited footage of NIN''s 1991 Phoenix Lollapalooza gig on MTV.com

On account of the Friday kickoff of this year's Lollapalooza, MTV is digging into their vaults and pulling up footage from the festival from years past. Today James Montgomery posted a piece on Nine Inch Nails' first ever Lollapalooza gig, including a low-res video of things taking a turn for the worse right as Sin starts up. A clip from this show has been shown before on MTV, usually tied in with an interview with Trent about how the heat was messing with the equipment, but this may be the first time this much of the footage is being shown. Props to MTV for learning to get out of the way of the music.

You can also find two photos of Trent on the '91 Lollapalooza tour at the very beginning of this related photo gallery.