Wednesday July 28, 2010

SONOIO - New Project From Alessandro Cortini

Former touring member and current NIN-collaborator, Alessandro Cortini, has released details and a ton of pre-order links for his new project, Sonoio. Cortini has made several packages available, including a Geek Package that includes an actual synth device called the SuONOIO along with a digital download for the album, a signed digipack CD, a signed art print, a bonus EP and a t-shirt for $199.99. There's also a a Fan Bundle available for $59.99 that includes all of the above minus the SuONOIO device and a handful of other bundles similar to the HTDA release last month.


Check out the website here* and also feel free to download the first four tracks from the album for free right now.

*If you're having trouble accessing the site, we're working on a mirror here.