Saturday April 24, 2010

If you're reading this, you will find that Tetsuo: Bullet Man has a happy e

Tetsuo!Word comes to us from a post by Akemi Nakamura at Rockin' On that Trent Reznor wrote a new song that plays over the ending credits of Tetsuo: The Bullet Man, which is being presented in New York this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival. If I've got this right - Trent wrote a 'very nice' letter to Tsukamoto about two decades ago, wanting to collaborate with him on a music video. While this (obviously) did not happen, Tsukamoto was moved by the letter and always kept it in the back of his mind. 20 years later, he reached out and the collaboration finally happened - although the song came in too late for earlier screenings of the movie, it has been included in the American debut of the film being in New York this weekend through next week.

We also got word via Twitter that the MTV Japan promo we embedded below was at some point released on Laserdisc - or at the very least, that someone out there has it on Laserdisc. With any luck, a higher quality version will be made available in some fashion - ideally through 'official channels'