Wednesday April 7, 2010

Pretty Hate Machine to be re-released through Bicycle Music

Pretty Hate MachineAccording to this article in Billboard, the entire TVT catalog has been bought from Prudential Securities by The Bicycle Music Company, who bill themselves as a company focused on "music publishing, investments in songwriters and copyrights."

Bicycle's Steve Salm says that "Pretty Hate Machine," which has been out of print and officially unavailable through digital distribution outlets for several years, will get a re-release. Back in November of 2005, Trent Reznor told the Toronto Sun

Now I've got Ryko asking me if I'd like to do a deluxe version. Yeah, I would. I would like to have a 5.1 version. I'll do extra songs. I'll redo the packaging. Everything. But I'm not doing it for free. They're not willing to pay, so they put out whatever they put out. That's that.

Considering part of Bicycle's motto is "investments in songwriters," here's to hoping they'll consider working with Trent on expanding his debut release.