Tuesday January 26, 2010

Exclusive Q+A with Moment Factory

A little update from ThisOneIsOnUs.org,

On March 19th 2010, we will be holding a quite unique screening of "Another Version Of The Truth" in Montréal, Québec, at L'Hémisphère Gauche. For the occasion, we're pleased to announce we will have special guests straight from Moment Factory.

If you remember correctly, Moment Factory are the tech wizards behind the Lights In The Sky tour's incredible video system which allowed the band actual interactivity with the video content, something no one had ever done in a touring rock show.

After the screening, we will be holding a 30 minutes interview with the kind folks of MF. We will be asking them your questions. You may submit your questions right now at avott.montreal@gmail.com

The interview will be recorded in its entierety and will subsequently be available on YouTube and possibly as a DVD-Torrent on ThisOneIsOnUs.org.

You may remember the short documentary featurette the company previously released on YouTube a while ago. Well, about a year ago I contacted them because I was trying to gather bonus material for AVOTT, and they generously gave us an exclusive HD copy of an extended cut of that same documentary. This 9 minutes version is featured on our Bonus Disc, to be released over the next few days as a digital download. In order to motivate your imagination and hopefully produce relevant questions, here is that documentary.

We're eagerly awaiting your questions. You can check out other screenings of AVOTT around the world on our screenings page. And look out for the release of the bonus disc on Twitter, which will feature more of the same kind of amazing stuff.

EDIT : While we prepare the DVD torrent, all of the bonus material is currently being added to YouTube. Use this playlist.