Wednesday January 20, 2010

We gots free copies of the soundtrack for The Book of Eli for you

We're not exactly scooping anyone with the news that Atticus Ross (a producer, engineer, and very occasional performer in the NIN camp) is behind the soundtrack for a movie that's recently come out, The Book of Eli. However, after hearing the news, I checked it out, and thought it was worth sharing that info with you. In fact, I went rooting around in my contact list and managed to pull together a giveaway, involving CDs, dogtags and tshirts. But even before getting that together, I had drawn up an article I wanted to post - Atticus Ross has had his fingers in a number of interesting pies over the last decade, and this one's pretty tasty.

Interested? Read our feature piece here. That's where you'll find the contest details, along with some shameless affiliate links where you can buy the soundtrack if you like what you hear.

With that, we return to our regularly scheduled quiet stretch.