Friday December 25, 2009

This One Is On Us presents: Another Version of the Truth - The Gift

This One Is On Us (the guys that brought you TDS: Live in collaboration with The NIN Hotline) have today released "Another Version of the Truth: The Gift".

From the website:

12 months,
a core team of dozens (with a network of thousands)
spanning 3 continents,
4 languages,
5 specialist teams,
countless sleepless nights...

It's finally here.

Filmed in Sacramento, Portland, and Victoria by the Nine Inch Nails team, and directed, edited, and produced by their fans, The Gift is a stunning work in 1080 High Definition video with 5.1 Surround Sound, multi-language subtitles, and artistically-driven ethics.

Gift is available in the following formats as a bittorrent release:

  • Blu-Ray - the highest quality output. 1080 High Definition video with 5.1 surround sound (25GB)

  • Dual Layer DVD - caters to most DVD players. A decent substitute for those without Blu-Ray players (6.5GB)

  • Standard DVD - this format has been created due to demand. Dual Layer is the preferred format, so please download that version if possible (4.7GB)

  • 720pHD video for computers and Apple TV - (4.5GB)

  • 720p Playstation 3 - for use on PS3s and computers (3.5GB)

  • MOV file - 1080p file for playback on computers (9GB)

  • iPod - perfect for small monitors and on the go (hosting courtesy of Chowderhawk) (1.5GB)

  • Youtube - 1080p/720p HD & lower resolution streaming videos

An accompanying PDF booklet is also available here.

The release is available as a not-for-profit, and those who download copies are encouraged to seed for as long as possible.

"Another Version of the Truth" is a 3 disc package; the rest of the pieces are set for release early next year. Check out the trailer for a nifty summary of the whole thing: