Sunday December 13, 2009


Another round of items just went up on the NIN eBay auctions - another batch of guitars. Including that one you've been waiting for, which has in a matter of hours, has already been bid up to several thousand dollars - the Les Paul Classic (1960 reissue) with green & black Fragility art. The auction description lists that it has minor scratches and dings. Warning: Playing the song Heresy on this guitar has been known to induce bouts of screaming hysteria:

12/14 Update! Andrew writes in to point out that the guitar in the auction has one knob, while the one in the video has two knobs. I'm sorry to report that the guitar they are auctioning off may not be directly responsible for the wet panties in the video above. However, ningear states at the bottom of the auction that "none of these 5 guitars are back up guitars. They were played regularly as each one is slightly different."