Thursday December 3, 2009

NIN Gear Sale continues: Bring on the keyboards and pro-audio

Nord Mod!So a few minutes ago, 23 more items were added to the NIN ebay auction extravaganza, mostly synthesizers, pro-audio stuff (DAT recorders, mic pre-amp, audio interfaces).

The highlight of this batch, so far as I can see, is the Nord Modular keyboard, which has a broken volume knob and a broken key. Some of you will recognize it before I finish this sentence, but that's the keyboard Trent smashed up in the video for Into the Void. I put a bid in, but it didn't take more than a couple of minutes for me to get outbid. ;_;

Seeing as this is item #72, but there are (as of this posting) 43 items up on eBay now, there may still be more to come before the night is over. Damn this stuff is cool.

Trent added a note about the auctions via his twitter account: "Regarding the NIN/eBay auctions - just clearing out some storage spaces for a new beginning." See? Didn't I tell you to relax? It's all good.