Wednesday December 2, 2009

Two more rounds of auctions

Fender Strat ReissueAlong with the NIN Yard Sale Auctions - http://bit.ly/NINebay - two more rounds of auctions have been posted in the last two days.

The first is a benefit auction for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng's recovery. Last November, Chi was in a near-fatal car accident that had left him in a coma. He still hasn't fully awoken yet, but is making a slow recovery. Along with dozens of other musicians, Trent Reznor donated a smashed Epiphone guitar that he also signed along with Aaron North, Jeordie White, Josh Freese & Alessandro Cortini. Check out the auction here and read more about Chi's recovery here.

The second is a round of auctions filled with guitars donated by Robin Finck. These include new Shecter guitars along with a Fender Strat that Finck played in his hotel room during the Self Destruct Tour along with being used on stage during Cirque De Soleil's Quidam. The proceeds for these auctions will go to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Check out the auctions here and read more on the Silverlake Conservatory of Music here.