Saturday October 10, 2009

We hijacked a truck with tour tshirts and put em online

NIN TshirtsThat's not really how it went, but sometimes I wonder what hoops Dan jumps through over at Goodrock to get this stuff in the first place, and then to be able to put it online for $12.99 a shirt? It's all officially licensed, that's the important bit. Anyway, we just got in a pile of tour stock - which means selection is limited, and when they're gone -- they're gone. Just like that 1,000,000 track jacket.

Good news for people who wear small shirts - a lot of the stock is size S.

Among the shirts we just got in, Corona Radiata (L and S), Demon Seed (S), Letting You (S), (S-XL), and one of my fav shirts, Ghosts Trees (S,XL). Shirts are all typically 12.99 USD, but there are one or two that are 11.99. We continue to bring the bargains on the good stuff!

We also have a very limited Ghosts junior zip hoodie in small for $26.99, and stocked up on all the 1" punk rock pins from The Slip and Year Zero, and a bunch of other things, but you can go check it all out yourself at our store here. Have a good weekend!