Wednesday August 26, 2009

ninwiki.com presents Bowery Ballroom + Webster Hall photos

Bowery BallroomWebster Hall If you were at either show this weekend, you might have seen LtRandazzo and I wandering around with Malechite, taking pictures, giving away patches & stickers, and certainly in my case, being somewhat dazed from inadequate sleep and appetite. None of that has anything to do with the news I'm about to post though.

Malechite from The NIN Wiki has posted photo sets from the Bowery Ballroom - shot with a 50mm lens in the thick of the crowd - and from Webster Hall, with wide angle shots taken from the balcony. One of my favorites is a shot of the crowd at Webster before the Horrors took to the stage, where half the faces are illuminated by their phones, the other half are spotlit from above. Another good one is of Jason Bullock, rocking the lighting controls like an instrument the whole show. Malechite tells me he may be making wallpapers out of some of the photos this week - we'll update with those when that happens.