Thursday August 6, 2009

Watch video from NIN's performance at the Hurricane Festival online

wretchi writes in to let us know how upset German NIN fans are over songs being mislabeled during the broadcast of a portion of NIN's set at the Hurricane Festival.

The digital "special interest" channel "zdf theaterkanal" is now presenting "best of's" of several performances at the German "hurricane"-festival. they broadcast summaries of the performances by The Mars Volta, Franz Ferdinand, faith no more, kings of leon etc.

Yesterday they broadcasted a 45 min. special featuring nine inch nails / faith no more. In the first half they broadcasted material from NIN's set, but the editors of this show have been completely incompetent. They mistook "the downward spiral" for "1,000,000" and "wish" for "echoplex". The TV show is humiliating for every single German NIN fan.

If you can suffer through this horrible injustice, click here to watch Burn, The Downward Spiral, Wish, and Head Like a Hole. Wretchi mentions that a download option should be available on that link 'soon'.