Tuesday July 21, 2009

2009: Ticketmaster actually starts giving a shit about their customers

They have a long way to go, but Ticketmaster is taking a step in the right direction with their paperless ticket stipulation for the rest of the NIN club concerts.
"The Nine Inch Nails tour is a paperless ticketed tour. You will not receive a physical ticket for entry and are required to bring the credit card used to buy your tickets and a government-issued ID to the venue, where your credit card will be swiped to gain you and your party access to the event. If you do not have your credit card and government-issued ID in hand at the event, you will not gain access to the event.

"Gift Cards will not be accepted and we reserve the right to cancel your ticket order if used as a form of payment. No exceptions will be made to these policies."

To say that this is fantastic news is an understatement. For more info, head here and click on question #9 to get all of the details on paperless tickets.

Remember: Buying tickets from a ticket reseller for this tour will get you NOTHING unless they are actually attending the same concert as you are. Also, and this is important: Do not support the scumbag asshole movement by paying more than face value for a ticket to be someone's guest.

Speaking of scalpers, one of our readers who goes by the handle Midnight did some investigative research, and discovered some info on that guy selling two Bowery tickets for $5,000 on eBay. To quote, "Seems that he and his younger brother were arrested four years ago for burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, fencing and conspiracy to commit theft and burglary." Ouch. NIN Community 1, Scalper 0.