Monday June 29, 2009

From the archives: The Fragility 2.0 tour journal

While it's not nearly as comprehensive as NINtourHistory.com, and it was never fully completed, back in 2000, the four arguably largest NIN fan sites on the internet collaborated to put together a spot where folks could share their experiences, photographs and scans from the Fragility tour.

Originally hosted on the now defunct TheFragile.com, The fragility v2.0 Tour Journal is back online again, unmolested from it's last updated status. The credits include the folks behind this site, smashedupsanity.com, thefragile.com, and SeemsLikeSalvation. John, Keith, Yves, Evan, and Kraw have all found better things to do with their spare time, hehe.

At some point, I think I had planned to move the tour journal to the Hotline, but I don't think I got much farther than a redesign. You can check that out too, for grins.

More old crap coming soon!