Tuesday April 28, 2009

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek NIN/JA Warmup Party Austin, TX on THURSDAY

I got an email from an old pal Avi Ghosh about a screening of Colin Cooper's edit of Lights in the Sky in Texas.

There is this independent movie theatre here called The Alamo Drafthouse and they are hosting a special NIN/JA party free of admission celebrating the upcoming tour (Austin date 05/12) by showing the Lights In The Sky edit from Colin Cooper and giving away free tickets. Here's the shimmy from their website:

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek for our special NIN/JA Warmup Party! We couldn't be more excited about the upcoming show here in Austin, TX so we teamed up with Rhino Records to bring you a FREE screening of the new Jane's Addiction Box Set DVD, followed by a screening of Colin Cooper's edit of the fan made "Lights in the Sky Over Victoria" from last year's NIN tour. We have some awesome prizes to give out including the new Jane's Addiction box set, CD's and a pair of tickets to the show. Come early on April 30th to make sure you get in and celebrate the night with us, in all our Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction obsessions!

There's more info on the website for the Draft House, but in short, the party starts at 8pm on Thursday.

Avi sent this to me a whole week ago, and we got a few news submissions about it, but I've been terribly neglectful and apologize for only sharing this with you now. It sounds like it'd be a good time, and I suggest you check it out if you're in the area. Avi: I just grabbed your new album now, I'll send you a review soon. Soonish. As soon as I can.