Thursday April 23, 2009

Reminder: LITS over Victoria screening in Vancouver this Saturday

Colin Cooper shot me an email this morning with some final details about this Saturday's screening of NIN: LITS over Victoria in Vancouver -
Hello all. Saturday's screening is only a couple of days away. Here are a few important notes:

As of yesterday, seating reservations were completely booked. However, two parties just cancelled, causing 8 seats to come back up for grabs. Contact me ASAP if you want to reserve any of them.

Reservation holders: Please try your best to be at the venue with your entire party when doors open at 1:30pm. To ensure that we are out by the end of our allotted time, I will be starting the show at 2pm sharp. If you show up late and block everyone's view while trying to find a seat... you will surely be hated passionately for years to come.

Make sure the reservation holder has a piece of photo ID. You'll need this to confirm your booking at the door.

A photographer and videographer will be documenting portions of the event. I will be posting the resulting images and footage online at a later date.

AND.... for an added bit of fun.... after the show is over, one lucky audience member will be going home with a tastefully framed 11"x14" print from Front Row Center's Lights In The Sky photo collection (taken by Rob Sheridan). Details will be given at the show.

I'll see you on Saturday!