Wednesday April 8, 2009

Ticket brokers being investigated for unfair practices

This doesn't qualify as normal NIN news, but it is somewhat of an appropriate follow-up to TR's post a month or so ago about ticket brokers that buy up as many tickets as possible and drive up prices to make an extra chunk of change who are employed or connected to companies like Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Time posted a story yesterday about authorities in New Jersey looking into the practices of these brokers to see if they're fair.
"Now, authorities in New Jersey and elsewhere are investigating this industry sub-sector, to see if brokers have an unfair advantage over the average fan in buying tickets at face value.

"State and federal investigators have subpoenaed or requested information from Ticketmaster, to learn more about the brokers who sell tickets through a company subsidiary, TicketsNow. Among other things, officials want to find out how they get the tickets."

It's a good read, though it is a shame to see that this is finally being looked into by the authorities now since these practices have been taking place for decades. Maybe if more artists like Reznor would come out and condemn these companies, we'll begin to seem them fade off unceremoniously into the sunset. To read the whole story, head here.

Thanks to Mr. MDK for sending this in. We now resume our regularly scheduled programming.